Bathroom Suites…Old or New? 

In today’s world, we are constantly surrounded by magazines with beautiful designs and images. Our taste for the new and shiny often causes us to impulse buy and lust new things on the market. This is no different when it comes to Bathrooms! Statistics have shown that in Cardiff we love to update and get urges to redecorate our home including our bathroom every 4-5 years.  This doesn’t always have to cost a fortune and as we can see there’s a growing appreciation for the old and pre-loved. In today’s world we can all try to eliminate waste. A lot of people used to end up storing their old suite in their garage or bringing it to a dump and often forgetting they can be perfectly good to pass on to someone else. However, people often find strange and unusual homes for their old bathroom suites from flower pots and garden furniture! There are many sites you can go on these days to sell your old furniture and bathroom suites. Ebay, Amazon, Gumtree, Shpock, Local and relative facebook groups. As the saying goes….one persons trash is someone else’s treasure!

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Bathroom Designs

New and modern bathroom suites can be expensive. There are so many designs on the market these days we are spoilt for choice. Bathroom Design is an ever changing motion. Colour Neutral tones such as cream, beige and taupe have actually long been popular colour options for the bathrooms due to the fact that they wear well and fit quickly into any style plan. These safe colours are now being replaced by bolder schemes that produce a pleasant, enjoyable space and they look fantastic. From using cabinets to reed baskets and wood boxes can be great storage solutions.

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Traditional or Contemporary?

Traditional classic styles often have a look of an Edwardian or Victorian bathrooms. You can find grand high top baths, traditional high cistern toilets, and old style taps and accessories. Traditional style doesn’t mean old fashioned and you can still enjoy the modern functionality of large shower heads and mixer taps even with a traditional look.

The latest contemporary styles and designs have a lot of clean lines and very strong shapes. There are many different designs within contemporary and many styles that will suit modern homes. Contemporary bathrooms seem to have a wider range of options when it comes to size. Contemporary bathrooms are more light and airy and seem to give a greater sense of space.

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Where to buy?

Bathroom Suites Can be purchased from a large selection of stores and online shops such as Homebase, B&Q, and Bathstore. Some online shops that are our favourites here at The Cardiff Plumbers – ‪‬,, Ebay and Amazon do some very reasonably priced bathroom suites. The choice out there is so vast and it’s not always easy to choose.

The key to bathroom suite shopping is to shop around. It’s best to set a budget and then look at different designs online and in house. You can pick up a really nice bathroom suite for £600 and this can reach up to £10,000 depending on the quality and where you shop.

Hiring a Plumber

Some plumbers will work on a fixed price and others on an hourly or day rate. On average Cardiff tiling prices start from £25 per square meter for wall tiling and £35 per square meter for floor tiling. Toilet and basin installation can start from £150 per unit. Bath and shower installations can cost from £200 per unit. You will also need to factor in your water pressure and if you need a shower pump. Shower pump installation can cost anything from £250 depending on the system you have. Changing you bath to a shower cubicle can start from £350. If you want to move your bathroom around this can affect the price. For example if you want to move your toilet this will depend on where your soil pipe is and how far it can be moved.

It’s always best to speak to an experienced plumber or bathroom fitter who can advise you on what you can do and how much it would cost.

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